group of kids


Gina D.
Hello, No Biggie Bunch Buddies! Have you seen the new meals we have uploaded yet? It was so fun creating these dishes and meals for my kids. I hope you also were able to recreate it for your children with fun and excitement. It’s nice to know that there are many types of amazing food that are not only safe to eat but cannot also be triggered in any way to those who have allergies. Please always remember your child’s safety and health and be mindful about everything they consume. It’s better to help them avoid having allergy attacks and prevent complications than cure it especially when it’s too late. Let’s prevent this and make our children happy and healthy all the time!

Farah M.
I did see the new recipes and recreated them as soon as possible. My children are allergic to soy so I try my best to create meals without it. The new recipe was originally created with soy but you posted a new one wherein soy can be replaced and I was so happy about that. I always wanted my kids to taste these kinds of meals but since they are allergic to that certain ingredient, I cannot let them eat it. Now, I have a new way of cooking this dish! Thank you so much.

Joanna T.
I never realized that my kid has an allergy and that was my mistake as a parent. Since that day I took her to a doctor for a check-up, I’ve been so careful about the food she eats to make sure she won’t have an allergy attack again. This website helped me out a lot in creating foods for her so I want to thank the people behind it. I’ve seen the new recipe but haven’t tried cooking it yet. I’m so excited to recreate it and let my daughter have a taste without her allergies being triggered.