Few Peoples do not buy so-called superfoods

“Goji berries are full of antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer. “Chia seed slows down the aging process. “Quinoa stimulates the metabolism. Nowadays, all kinds of products are promoted as superfoods.


Due to the high content of nutrients, they would prevent various diseases and discomforts. But there are no such panaceas. It turns out that the Dutch do not fall for them. Only one in ten indicates that they find it necessary to eat superfoods in addition to the regular food. Young people and higher educated people are a little more enthusiastic about superfoods. The older the consumer, the more sceptical they are. This is shown by a representative sample of 1,000 people from research bureau GfK commissioned by the Voedingscentrum and Gezondheidsnet.nl.

Not superfoods, but varied food keeps you healthy

Patricia Schutte, spokesman for the Nutrition Centre, says he is happy that people are critical: “There are no superfoods. The claimed health effects of superfoods are insufficiently scientifically substantiated. Moreover, no single food can provide all the important nutrients that the body needs. Variation is the magic word. The best way to get all the different nutrients you need is to vary a lot every day. This is especially important for fruit and vegetables.”

Superfood is a marketing term

About one in six Dutch people are familiar with the term superfoods. A quarter know the term, but don’t know what it means. After reading the description, four out of ten remain unfamiliar with the term ‘superfoods’. In response to the question to respondents as to what they understood by superfoods, a variety of answers were given. They mention ‘specific’ superfoods, such as goji berries, hemp seed, algae and chia seed. What struck me was that they also mentioned many ‘ordinary’ products, such as vegetables, fruit and fish. “It is logical that many different superfoods are mentioned,” explains Patricia Schutte. “The term superfoods is not legally defined and can be used by anyone. This makes it easy to use as a marketing strategy.”

The danger of superfoods

Of the respondents, 23 percent said they sometimes buy a superfood. They do this mainly to improve resistance, general health and energy levels. Berries and seeds are the most popular superfoods. They mainly eat berries for better resistance and seeds for good bowel movements. One in five of the buyers uses a superfood every day.
Is that a bad thing? “This is not a problem in principle, because fruit and vegetables, for example, are just part of a healthy diet. It doesn’t matter whether people call it superfood”, says Patricia Schutte. “The marketing term superfood can be dangerous, because people can go crazy in their convictions. They may wrongly believe that they have to eat or drink a certain product in large quantities. And then they run the risk of an imperfect, one-sided diet.”

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Must have kitchen utensils

You love it or you hate it: cooking is different for everyone. One person likes nothing better than to spend the whole day in the kitchen, while for the other even baking a pizza is a culinary highlight. Whether you like it or not, it has to be done.

With the right kitchen accessories you can make cooking a lot easier and it’s a fun activity. In this blog, some tricks are explained in more detail.

Spiral cutter

Spaghetti only from dough? Are you crazy, you make it out of anything these days! With the spiral cutter, you can create real works of art out of your vegetables. Compare it to a pencil sharpener: put the vegetables at the top of the spiral cutter and turn the device so that long strings of vegetables come out. The spiral cutter can be used for many different vegetables, such as carrots, courgettes or cucumbers. You can use it in all kinds of dishes and it always looks super Instagram-worthy!

Canned miracle

Cooking with canned vegetables: ideal for a simple way to get your vitamins. You’ll recognise that those cans are always a real eyebrow to get open. But of course there’s also something to be found: the miracle of the can. This is made in the form of a kind of plastic candy. It works very handy. Just as easily as you slide your smartphone into your own designed case, you slide the miracle tin under the tab of the tin. Then push the long part of the miracle down and you can open your can in no time.

Egg timer

Cooking eggs. Somehow it remains an issue. The last time you boiled your egg for 6 minutes it was rock hard, but this time it’s all of a sudden soft boiled. Don’t worry, the egg timer solves this problem for you. Put this little kitchen miracle with the eggs in the water and read on the timer how much longer your egg needs. The timer starts in red, but gets a white color the longer you boil the egg. This way you can see exactly what condition the egg is in and you can take it out at the right moment. Go on, put in your earplugs and relax while you’re cooking the perfect egg. Of course keep an eye on the egg timer.

Wine glass measuring cup

500 millilitres from one, 70 grams from the other… A measuring cup and scales are essential for cooking, even if you’re cooking with packs. If all goes well, this should already be in your kitchen cupboard, but those boring jug-shaped measuring cups can also be different. Recently the wine glass measuring cup was introduced in the Netherlands. As you probably suspect, this is a measuring cup in the shape of a wine glass, how nice is that in your kitchen!


When we talk about cooking frustrations, overcooking is definitely in the top 3. Just when you think you have everything under control and you turn around, your pan decides that this is the right time to shine and flood the whole thing. Luckily you have protected your phone with such a handy phone case. It won’t be the first time that a smartphone or tablet gets water damage this way in the kitchen. Until now! Because with an anti-overboiling lid, this will never happen again. You put the lid on the pan and all the water that normally puts your stove and sink under water, catches this special lid.

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mom and child with pumpkin

No Biggie Bunch – Come and Learn More About Your Child’s Allergy!

Come and learn more about your child’s allergy with the help of the No Biggie Bunch!

Are your children allergic to any kinds of food or substance? Know the proper way to handle these kinds of issues and give your children better and safer meals. No Biggie Bunch is here to provide you with more knowledge about substances that can trigger the allergies of your kids and the reasons why you should avoid them. Other than that, our team can help you prepare the right and proper meals for your kids so that you can serve them delicious dishes without worsening their condition in the process. If you just recently found out about the allergy of your kid or any of the children in your home, make sure to always stay on our page to keep updated. We promise you that we can give you all the things that would help you cope in the process.

No Biggie Bunch knows that allergies are dangerous and risky to our health, especially to children. This can bring about adverse effects that can affect one’s health negatively. There are so many foods out there that you take in on a regular basis and sometimes, you wouldn’t even know that you are already consuming something that is not good for your health. Nothing is different when it comes to children and that is why you must be aware of all the things about your child’s foods and allergies. Allergies can be fatal the moment a food is consumed and sometimes, allergies are triggered slowly that you wouldn’t even think you are eating a food you have allergies in.

kid boy eating

To avoid that, No Biggie Bunch made it possible to help you out and make your life easier. We help out parents and other people who are concerned about their kid’s health by giving them appropriate knowledge and facts about different kinds of allergies in food. Through this, we can educate everyone who visits our website and let them know more about these issues especially when they need to. Other than giving certain facts to them and informing them what they can do, we also encourage everyone to create a much better meal for the children without risking their health.

No Biggie Bunch offers a wide variety of recipes and meal set for people with different kinds of allergies. If your child has an allergy to dairy, we can provide a meal they can eat so that they would still be healthy and they won’t miss a delicious set of food. The same thing goes with other kinds of allergies.

Make sure that your kid, niece, nephew, cousins, or any other children you know can be safe from the harm and the trigger of their allergies by being a part of No Biggie Bunch newsletter! Log in to our website and be notified anytime we will post something new. Or if you’d like, be one of No Biggie Bunch buddies by interacting in our forum. We want to know more about you and the kids you want to protect against the adverse effects of allergies. So do not forget to talk to us anytime you want.

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