Nobiggiebunch, is a company specialised in product and process innovation in the sports, food, energy, water and chemical markets. We are happy to work with you on your latest products, processes or market innovations. For Nobiggiebunch an innovation is not a woolly report but a practical advice, product or process that really helps your company. For our work we use lab and process facilities at customers, at TU Delft, at ourselves and at partners.

Examples of products Nobiggiebunch works on are: batteries, solar cells, water purification systems, skates, plastics, coatings, and sports nutrition. Nobiggiebunch’s mission is to make a constructive contribution to a world that becomes more sustainable, healthier, sportier and more fun. The company takes its name from the name (ten Kortenaar), Japanese skating name (Mr Lawlor), best skating performance (10th at Olympic Games) and the title of founder, speaker and scientist Dr Marnix ten Kortenaar.