No Biggie Bunch was created 10 years ago by a pediatrician who is also concerned about children’s health. She wasn’t just a doctor for kids as but also a mother who cares for her children and her patients. As a doctor, she is well aware of her children’s health ever since the day they were born. She kept track of their health and condition and made sure that they are healthy at all times. However, even if they were not born with complications, some of her kids were born with allergies they cannot avoid. That is one of the reasons why she became more dedicated as a mother and as a doctor to make sure that her kids were loved more than enough. Of course, this wasn’t where she stopped. In fact, she made sure that she can do something for other mothers as well who have kids like hers.

To raise more awareness and to provide more knowledge about these allergies to the parents and other people like her who care about the kids’ health, she created this website. At first, it was only made for the purpose of giving more facts about allergies and to be aware of the risks it may give to the children. However, as time passes by, the doctor knew she had to make sure to let these people have a way to prepare meals for the kids without them triggering their allergies. Now, this is now possible. Many people have now access to unique recipes that can help parents prepare dishes their kids can enjoy without the adverse effect of this to their health. There is no need to suffer anymore.

No Biggie Bunch started as an informational and educational website but now, people can also learn which food to serve their children while making sure it is safe and healthy for all of them. We encourage people to be aware and mindful about kid’s health since most of them just eat anything they like nowadays. No biggie Bunch will let your kids stay safe and healthy at all times.