The No Biggie Bunch® Team

Heather Mehra, Co-creator of The No Biggie Bunch

Heather is a stay-at-home mom of three No Biggie Bunch inspirations. She and her kids have a great time navigating multiple food allergies and festivities in their own daily adventures.

Kerry McManama, Co-creator of The No Biggie Bunch

Kerry has lent her wordsmithing talents to many national brands and publications. Her whimsy and wit keep The No Biggie Bunch giggling and inspired. Kerry McManama (

Michael Kline, Illustrator

Mikey, our award winning illustrator, is the team’s biggest kid. That’s how he so superbly keeps The No Biggie Bunch friendly, familiar and fun. Food takes on new meaning in his brilliant illustrations. Dogfoose (

Joe Lee, Graphic Design

Joe has masterfully conquered every design hurdle The No Biggie Bunch has thrown his way. The big and small details that keep your eyes moving through the books are thanks to Joe’s very own artistic eye. Joe Lee Design (

Alex Centeno, Website Design

Alex ‘s technical expertise has helped The No Biggie Bunch make new friends around the world. The Internet is his playground! Merkados (

Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc

Dr. Mike Practices in Massachusetts for Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and is a clinical instructor at Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, where he helps families cope with food allergies. He is a food allergy educator and advocate in countless ways.(