The No Biggie Bunch: Everyday Cool with Food Allergies

Kids food allergy questions – answered

Caregivers food allergy challenges – solved

Do you have children with questions about their food allergies? Do you have family members, teachers and babysitters with food allergy-related concerns? The No Biggie Bunch: Everyday Cool with Food Allergies is the teaching tool for you!

Dr. Michael Pistiner has partnered with The No Biggie Bunch creators, Heather Mehra and Kerry McManama, to design a venue for open dialog and creative problem solving surrounding everyday care of kids with food allergies. The daily adventures of the No Biggie Bunch model a fun, safe environment within which kids and caregivers can discuss safety tactics, share fears, and include others in supporting their physical and emotional well being.

Dr. Mike says, “I teamed up with the No Biggie Bunch, a fun loving group of kids who creatively cope with their food allergies. Together we offer a resource that helps caregivers teach and empower children to play a role in their own food allergy management.”

Engage kids and caregivers in a safe space for open dialog.

Educate caregivers to create supportive environments for kids with food allergies.

Empower kids to participate in their food allergy management.

Everyday Cool Kids Allergies - Front Cover Everyday Cool Kids Allergies - Back Cover

Join us in keeping the food allergy conversation going!

Interview with Dr. Pistiner, Fox 25/My Fox Boston. Kids with allergies: What can parents do?